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This conference was a joint project with IDEAs, a research institution oriented to development issues, and FLACSO (Facultad de Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociale, sede México).


This WEA-IDEAS Conference, led by the Professors Alicia Puyana and Maria Alejandra Madi, called for a pluralist reflection about current knowledge in Feminist Economics in terms of theories, empirical research and policies.  This WEA Conference aimed to discuss new contributions to Feminist Economics while bridging the gap between different theoretical approaches, the practical applications of economic theories and the policy-making process. 

This conference was also supported by IDEAs (International Development Economic Associates) and FLACSO (Facultad de Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociale, sede México). WEA,  IDEAs and FLACSO share mutual goals and interests, such as opening spaces for inclusive economics in both research and teaching economics and the advancement of social justice and equality, and recognise the importance of collaboration for enhancing the impact and the reach of their work.  


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