Gender Responsive Budgeting from a Developing Country Perspective

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Eranda Roshan Fernando, (2022), Gender Responsive Budgeting from a Developing Country Perspective, World Economics Association (WEA) Conferences, No. 1 2022, Feminist Economics, Contributions and Challenges

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  • Agostina Costantino says:

    I really enjoyed the reading of your piece. In Argentina, since 2020 the national budget is presented with “gender perspective”, which means that every row of the budget is labeled according its capacity to reduce gender gaps. This is defined following the next 3 criteria: (i) if the policy has women or LGBT+ people as the main beneficiary actor; (ii) if the policy allows the corresponsability on care duties; (iii) is the policy gives funds for infrastructure to vulnerable people (taking into account that women are over-represented in this universe).
    Just to give you an idea, over the total national budget, the % with gender perspective was increasing from 13% in 2020 to 19% in 2021.
    Is there something like this in Sri Lanka?

  • Eranda Fernando says:

    Thanks for the comments. In the context of Sri Lanka, no similar initiatives as you have explained. But due to advocacy efforts of the civil society organizations, there is increasing focus on the gender perspective. As at now the country is facing dauting task of external debt restructuring.